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Welcome to The GIC Ranch & Education Center E-Commerce Store!

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Welcome to our e-commerce store where our small family of 8, offers products and services for you to enjoy. 

We use our Ranch as an education center for homeschooling kids like ours, as well as offering classes to adults who want to learn to become more self-sufficient.  We offer classes on raising animals from chickens to goats - all of which should be available on our products page. We teach everything from hatching to processing for family meals.  Our social media hubs offer free micro trainings and resources including wonderful recipes for things like squirrel stew.  (Yep, I said squirrel stew!)

All products that are sold are used to reinvest in animals and bring streamlined online services available to our clients and customers!  

We are working toward gaining our licenses in order to produce farm fresh foods for our local chef's too!  All of this of course, being used to educate and teach our kids and others how to move forward with self-sufficiency and clean eating.

P.S. Did you see our rent a hen program?!  We plan to have those up and running soon too!  Even for our rabbits!  

From our family to yours; "Happy living!" 

Cordell and Cristina
GIC Ranch & Education Center Founders